BotQueue 0.5 released!

I know it's been quite a long wait since version 0.4 was released on July 4th, 2013. Since that time, Zach Hoeken has moved away from supporting BotQueue in code, but he still believes in the project and has continued to help whenever possible. For that support, I want to thank him. Now on to the fun stuff!

I'm so excited to release this for a couple of reasons. The main one is that this is my first major software release, so I expected it to be a bit rougher. Still, I expect bug reports in the future, so please post those here for the server, and here for the client.

I was originally going to summarize every cool now feature about this release. This release doesn't have too many amazing new features, but it has quite a few bug fixes. I wanted BotQueue to be more solid than ever, because that's what you should be able to expect. This involved fixing everything from UI issues, to a ton of fixes in the background so that everything runs smoothly.

Some of the new features I'd like to introduce are:

Auto Slic3r downloading

It's not perfect yet, but it's definitely pretty awesome. Basically, instead of downloading a bunch of huge binaries, bumblebee has been stripped of any extra weight, making it fast to download, and easy to run. It will automatically download the slic3r version you choose for your OS. This also makes it easier to run other types of slicers like Cura.

Local storage

It's long been a request to support storing files locally on the server instead of having to set up Amazon S3. I'm glad to announce that this support now exists in BotQueue.

Easy server install script

Now, it's pretty easy to run install/ on your debian/ubuntu server. It will ask for some configuration values, and install everything it can for you. If the options are filled out correctly, your site will pop right up, giving you your own BotQueue instance. This is useful if you have a private university and want the students to use a local server.

All in all, I hope you enjoy the new release. If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment here, or ask on the Google groups.


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