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Raspberrry pi reprap controller with BotQueue

I've recently been interested in making my 3d printer more compact. But first, a small introduction to my printer.  My printer is a reprap prusa mendel based printer. It uses a RAMPS 1.4 board and a budaschnozzle  extruder. Her name is Jasmine, which stands for "Just Another Sexy Machine, Is Notably Expensive" at the suggestion of a friend. So, now that that's over, let's get started.  For this, I bought a PNY premium 8GB SD card for $10.  Make sure it's more than 2Gb. I did 8 just to be more on the safe side. I've installed images directly to the card before, but I wanted to try the Raspbian Installer  to see how well it worked. I tried it, and it didn't install everything I wanted. Or I should say this system is probably more designed to be run as root and I didn't want that. So, download Raspbian "Wheezy" from  here . Install it to the sd card using some method described on  this page . It shouldn't be too painful to install. N


Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I decided to set up this blog to tell other people about the cool things you can do with technologies like 3d printing. This blog will primarily contain: Information about programming Automated systems such as 3d printers or cnc machines computer administration, e.g., linux servers minecraft Anything else I feel like I hope you enjoy reading this blog and find the information within to be useful.