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New paint job and other "minor fixes"

I've always found it interesting how the human brain worked. Recently, I've been playing with  Tailwind CSS  and reading the  Refactoring UI book . One of my longer term projects has been working on BotQueue v2, with all of the fun issues and delays with that. At some point, I realized that I would have to make the site look semi-professional. So I decided to learn how to do some UI stuff which is where that UI book comes in. The same author is also behind Tailwind CSS which is a really nifty utility first CSS framework that I would recommend checking out. What I didn't expect is how doing even a little effort in making the design look good would help my motivation to work on it. I've been focusing on removing blockers recently, and it's fascinating what I find is a blocker. I didn't really expect a little bit of "paint" to go a long way in me working on it. I no longer had the "it's functional, but it's going to suck to make it pretty l