BotQueue for Windows

A long standing issue is that BotQueue's client bumblebee doesn't work on Windows. I'm going to try to fix that with this blog post.

I started by looking at Portable Python version 2.7. Note, that I'm installing this all on an 8GB flash drive. There's two reasons for this. The first is that I want to test this with multiple computers, and the second is that I don't have admin privileges on any of them. Go ahead and run the installer, it takes a while.

Next thing to download is easy_install so I downloaded onto my flash drive and ran it using the python I had just installed:
It might tell you to run a different command. I ended up having to run:
python.exe -U setuptools 
Next, add the "Scripts" directory under your App folder to your PATH variable.  For me, this was at "E:\Portable Python\App\Scripts". You should also add the App directory so python can be found anywhere. You know it worked if you can run "easy_install" in the prompt and it not completely fail.

Next, install pip and virtualenv:
easy_install pip
Now that pip is installed, open up a command prompt. Run this:
pip install Pygments pyserial requests requests-oauth
pip install pyserial --upgrade
Next, we need to install curses for windows. Go here, and download the win32 2.7 one. I ran this to install curses:
easy_install curses-2.2.win32-py2.7.exe
Now run botqueue's bumblebee client! You'll have to run my version here, instead of the official botqueue (until that branch is merged, so if the branch doesn't exist, it's probably merged in). Any bugs you find, feel free to report them on github on the official issues page, or in the google groups.

There are some issues when you move from one computer to another, so I put the curses exe, and an egg (for pycharm debugging) in the root of the flash drive. Then, I created a batch file that was just these contents:
"%~dp0\Portable Python\App\python.exe" -U setuptools
"%~dp0\Portable Python\App\Scripts\easy_install.exe" pip
"%~dp0\Portable Python\App\Scripts\pip.exe" install virtualenv Pygments pyserial requests requests-oauth --upgrade
"%~dp0\Portable Python\App\Scripts\easy_install.exe" curses-2.2.win32-py2.7.exe
"%~dp0\Portable Python\App\Scripts\easy_install.exe" pycharm-debug.egg

That fixed any issues I had when moving to another computer. The last line is optional and only needed if you're using pycharm's debugging like I am. I will probably do another blog post on how to set up that, because it was definitely interesting to do.

EDIT: Also, not all bugs have been fixed and pushed to the 0.5X-dev branch. I'll update this again when it's ready.


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